Coffee, Cola, Code

We've been best buddies since college and we love to code.
This is where our side projects live.


Sanjay runs a development team, but will soon join MIT Media Lab, to work on some interesting problems in data science. He loves to build things in the real world and hopes to build a game changing company one day. His interests include Natural Language Processing, product design and everything Web. He loves his movies, his music, his Apple products and the outdoors.


Hari is a software engineer at General Assembly by day. He started his career teaching web development, and is now putting it into practice. His engineering and music technology background, gives him a comprehensive knowledge of web applications, digital signal processing, and spatial audio. He is an avid musician, and of course, he also loves video games.




A minimalist Chrome new-tab extension. Under construction.


Physical Space

A group of javascript physics simulations